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Geoide Base Application

In the new Geoide environment, application software and configuration have been separated. This means that an update of the software does not affect the configuration, hence easier maintenance. The application software consists of a Geoide Base Application, specific Application extensions and Application specific configuration. The configuration can be adjusted with the Geoide Author.

Geoide distribution

The Geoide distribution consists of tailor-made applications (for IDgis clients) and distributions for download. Applications for IDgis clients consist of the Geoide Base Application, Application configuration (services, maps and lay-out) and in some cases specific extensions (such as reports, meta data and specific Help). The Geoide distribution for download consists of the Base Application plus a Demo configuration, which can be adjusted easily with the included Geoide Author.

Each release of the Base Application has a version number and its own release notes. Please visit the Geoide repository to view the ongoing improvements and changes in Geoide software. On regular basis, but less frequent than releases for IDgis clients, a downloadable version will be available.

The new set-up of Geoide software has been introduced in IDgis client versions since 22/03/2011 and applies also to the downloadable version geoide-x-gdi-v2.5.1 (14-07-2011).

Release Notes

> Release Notes Geoide Base Application

Download Applications

> Download and Installation Geoide-Demo-Application

> Download and Installation Geoide 'x-gdi' Version 2

Source Code

Geoide is open source software and therefore free to use. The source code (for developers) can be viewed and downloaded at subversion.


The with the tools comes with the installation, but can be downloaded separately as well.

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