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Welcome to the Geoikia!

Example screen-shot of Geoide Viewer
Example screen-shot of Geoide Viewer

The Geoikia is the online help for the Geoide Software. Geoide is a user-friendly GIS Web client that uses services in accordance with open standards, including OGC standards. Geoide is open source software (LGPL) developed by IDgis bv, The Netherlands.

The Geoikia is designed for different types of users:

  • Common users (in particular chapter 4).
  • GIS experts (in particular chapter 3 and 4);
  • System and application managers (in particular chapter 2 and 5);
  • Developers (in particular chapter 6).

In "How can I ...?" you may find answers to various user questions. Image: tip.png If your question is not listed, please contact IDgis. We will answer your question personally and if relevant the issue will be added to the Geoikia.

> Send your question to IDgis.


  1. What is Geoide?
  2. Download and Installation
  3. Configuration Steps
  4. Using the Geoide Viewer
  5. System and Application Management
  6. For Developers
  7. Background Information
  8. How can I ...?
  9. About IDgis
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