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Geoide software is a user-friendly GIS Web client. You can use Geoide in your Web browser to retrieve, present and configure digital maps. In addition to the standard viewer functionality, Geoide has the ability to edit in maps. Geoide uses deegree software. Geoide has its own services, and uses local or remote Open GIS services (WMS, WFS and WCS). New in Geoide is the possibility to make use of Tile Map Services (WMTS and TMS).

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The components

The Geoide software consists of the following components:

  • Geoide Viewer for presenting digital maps in your web browser.
  • Geoide Author for configuring the Geoide Viewer for a custom application.
  • Geoide Services for the provision of maps in vector data (offers the ability to edit in the map).
  • Geoide Search for searching using keywords or themes in services that deliver map data. Geoide Search can be started from the Geoide Viewer.

In addition, Geoide makes use of the OpenJUMP configuration tool, which allows you to configure the Geoide Services. The OpenJUMP configuration tool is part of the deegree software. OpenJUMP comes with the Geoide download.

Example screen-shot of the Geoide Viewer
Example screen-shot of the Geoide Viewer
Example screen-shot of the Geoide Author
Example screen-shot of the Geoide Author


The different components of the software are shown schematically below. Above the dotted line the Geoide components are shows. Below the dotted line are the parts where Geoide Components communicate with via the Web browser.

  • OpenJUMP, combined with the deegree and Geoide plug-in, is equipped to configure Geoide, WMS and WFS services. OpenJUMP is a desktop application that communicates via Internet with a configuration service (Cfg service). The Cfg service delivers XML files for configuring the various services. You can configure both local and remote services with OpenJUMP.
  • The Geoide Author is a client that communicates with the Geoide Author Service. The configuration files are stored in the Geoide Author database. The configuration files are read by the Geoide Viewer.
  • The Geoide Viewer is the client that retrieves map information from various services. The services in turn retrieve the data from databases. The configuration step with Open JUMP makes the data accessible (in the right format) to the Geoide Viewer.
  • Geoide Search searches in services for map data via a Thesaurus and the Web Catalog Services (CS-W). You can use Geoide Search separately in the browser or start the Geoide Search from the Geoide Viewer or Geoide Author.
Scheme of Geoide Components
Scheme of Geoide Components

Geoide Website

Please visit the Geoide Website for examples of Geoide applications. Bold text

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